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20 May 2016

The 50 Best Shopping Sites for Girls


We like a bit much as the next gal designer, but often our bank accounts we prefer to steer clear of Net-a-Porter on the regular and stick to the cheap shopping sites that we have all grown to love. Still, if you're like us, after years of shopping at Zara, you're ready to expand your horizons to include some of the new budget brands breaking on the scene.

This is exactly where we come in, 50 stores preset where you will not need to put anything on credit-hidden shopping gems to all major brands of fashion girls should know. Because let's face it, not everyone can afford Celine.

Fun and trend prior Boutique Row is for women who like to wear sneakers with their sequined gowns.

Just about everything in the e-shop is under $ 100, and while the quality is not amazing, the designs are super cute.

3. Cameo

Aussie brand, Cameo, makes a killer working the party ready for appearance design for around $ 200. New collections monthly decline, so there is always something fresh to lust.

If you are a fan of fun, quirky, affordable fashion, and you have not reached until Nasty Gal, what do you expect? The brand started as an eBay store selling vintage, but now it is a power of e-commerce stores inspirational son vintage, new and old.

Head here for the kind of minimalist, neutral tones, hassle fashion that is the foundation of any good wardrobe. The range of accessories is not huge, but they look much more expensive than what is it that really is what we like in a handbag.

Visit ModCloth to find indie, retro and vintage-inspired look.

7. Louun

Head here for great jewelry gold plated and silver, and price tags under $20. Always in search of a father or kris kringle secret gift? Step this way.

If anyone knows how to make a flattering, but still avant-garde evening dresses, it is Australian fashion brand, Keepsake.

Fast fashion label Minkpink gains a good reputation for their cute 'n' cheap clothes, but make sure you also check out their collection of sunglasses before leaving the site.

Click to Stylenanda for accessories reporting less than $ 40, tops, dresses Breezy and inexpensive items that will add personality to your look next spring.

The wife Dorothy Perkins does not like anything too overtly fashionable, she prefers pretty pieces classic shapes that will look feminine and last more than one season. Shop here for forms and easy to wear or office casual staples, if you sift through the virtual store you will also find the odd cocktail dress.
12. ASOS
ASOS stores a bunch of labels, but it is perhaps own house store brands that are our favorites. You can browse ASOS, ASOS CURVE and ASOS Petite any season, and I know you'll find what you want. A flexible return policy allows you to return anything you do not want after 28 days, which makes online shopping here quite safely.
13. Zady
Shop here to create a wardrobe that mixes easily and matches. Cute sweaters, classic shirts and net shirts are what makes this attractive shop. In addition, free shipping and free returns on all orders does not hurt.
14. Forever21
If there is a tendency to love you, but will know the date of next season, not in this fashion chain: they are linked to the achievement of the look you are after, at a price you will not be afraid to pay.
15. Article&
Section and is everything you love about Brooklyn-cool, quirky style at prices that will not scare you. The store offers a tight fitting son and unique, portable and affordable jewelry by contemporary and independent labels.
Best kept secret of the fashion of Manchester with one of the fastest growing global e-shopping,'s like ASOS, only slightly shifted.
17. COS
Consider COS slightly more adult H & M, cooler cousin. Prices are higher than H & M, but the pieces feel more refined, and appear to be better.
If you can look beyond the leather dresses and slinky false, you can find an incredible deal at Missguided.
This site packs a variety of fun fashion holder like a smaller version, more closely edited ASOS.
20. Staple
Classic stripes and portable forms will be your new favourite label to carry the lazy weekend.
21. Evil Twin
If you are more into grunge than glamor, you need to know about Evil Twin. It is a brand in Australia by the same people who Minkpink.
Isla by Talulah takes floral prints, add a pretty playful silhouette, and created the wardrobe for the ultimate girly-girl.
Feel-good fashion, the kind that is ethically made-often comes with a hefty price tag, but not StyleSaint. These guys are all about making ethical products that last more than one season. We are particularly in lace dresses, so be sure to take a look in that direction whilst browsing the online store.
Tony Bianco absolutely nails luxury-looking shoes with a much friendlier price tag.
25. Whistles
Although this is absolutely not the cheapest on our list today, it is still one of the best. "Why do you ask? Because Whistles revolve around looks inspired creators in the weeks of a new trend at a fraction of the high fashion price.


Fans of the free-spirited fashion swoon on high-hippie offers Free People. While prices are certainly not all affordable, selling section is a great place to start the hunt for sub- $ 50 discoveries.
27. Aritzia
Step this way for beautifully designed clothes that are on-trend, high quality and good value.
28. Motel
Motel glittering dress galore, head here for evening gowns shameless-glitter and fun cocktail looks.
29. Oasis
You might not find ultra-trendy pieces of pages on this online shop of British brands, but there are dozens of classic feminine wardrobe and the jewel pioneering strange for an absolute bargain.
30. H&M
In most major cities, you can find an H & M on just about every corner. Walk in the store or the virtual shelves trawling online for simple layering pieces and great home-wares.
31. Lulu’s
Lulu is filled with cute and fun, under-dresses $ 50 left over cheap 'n' cute tops, sweaters and skirts.
32. Uniqlo
Consider for Uniqlo Japan's answer to H & M. We recommend that you buy pieces of stratification (tights, tanks, long sleeve tops) into the fabric HEATTECH brand, it will keep you comfortable serious all the winter without breaking the bank.
By the Australian brand that you Cameo, Finders Keepers is perfect for the woman who likes to keep her wardrobe up to date, without spending all her rent money on clothes.
If you're still stuck on for Christmas stocking fillers, fast order to Wanderlust Co to collect under $30, delicate jewelry, including twelve o'clock rings, hand chains, ear cuffs, and more.
35. Growze
Step this way for affordable riffs on style trends of the street you like. Also, if you could not care less if your leather jacket is real, keep an eye on the big leather pieces vegan on this site.
36. Warehouse
By the same company that created Oasis, Warehouse is like a little luxury are the aesthetic affordable Oasis. Right now, they have great (fake) fur toppers and comfortable knits.
Famous for a series of collaborations with Rihanna, River Island is the British brand with many similarities to Topshop and ASOS. Go here for the great denim and snap-up trends from that you do not want to invest too heavily in.
38. UrbanOG
If you are still looking for the dress of the New Year's Eve, and not have much money to spend, we suggest you walk that way.
Imagine all the accessories you like to Zara, then multiply by 10, because what you find at & OtherStories. The label is one of the most luxury brands in the H & M portfolio and famous for incredible accessories.
40. Mango
Right now, we Mango eyeing off fringed dresses and oversized coats.


Acid wash denim, lots of tile, streetwear and relaxed is what you find in the fifth label.
42. Shop Dixi
You'll want to take off on a weekend at the beach, just so you have an excuse to layer these boho accessories.
43. Topshop
Anyone who loves their budget brands will already be familiar with Topshop, the queen looks expensive-but-isn't clothes.
Be prepared to hunt through a few pages of this online store to find what you are looking for- what is tops easy to wear striped cozy puffer coats, denim and classic all at easy prices on the door-change.
45. Koshka
Online Store Koshka its virtual shelves packed with fun fast-fashion labels. We particularly like their selection of boy-meets-girl cover-ups and coats.
46. 2020Ave
With scarves for $17, tanks for $13, and dresses for $18, there's a lot to love in this e-shop. Right now, their oversize outfits are worth checking out, so be sure to bookmark this store for later.
Shop online for shoes here that will make people ask where you have them, more than stylish clothes in portable colors such as gray, white, peach and black.
48. A-Thread
Pieces on this virtual store feel less mass produced as many others on this list, and have a son boho, vintage feel.
49. Choies
There is always something new on the Asian site, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. On the one hand, tops, dresses, jackets, bedding and essential elements are still fresh, but on the other, there is so much stock, it can be almost overwhelming.
50. Zara

Yes, we know-Zara is not exactly a site under the radar, but for relatively cheap clothes and accessories that look as if they were ripped from the runway, it is one of the best.


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