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05 May 2016

How to Create Social Bookmarking Site using Pligg

How to Create Social Bookmarking Site Use and Free Download Pligg CMS

There are many bookmarking sites free and paid social and some are paid too. Social bookmarking sites are generally sites that allow submissions of the user and the community to record observations. Some examples of these social bookmarking sites: Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon and so on. Now if you are one of those bloggers that he and the community's trust and proved your choice recommendation, it is time to take another step forward and start your own social bookmarking site. Create a social bookmarking site using Pligg By this method, you can provide quality and best new topics from the Internet to your followers. For this task, simply start a Social Bookmarking column with your blog or you can Create Social Bookmarking Site.

Some examples of major social bookmarking sites are and etc. Many open source CMS are available for the creation of a social bookmarking site such as Drupal, WordPress plugins Hotaru and some are also available. But I would recommend a chip and a free CMS - Pligg (Download Pligg CMS 2.0.2).

Especially, being a blogger we read so many articles and many of them are interesting and you might be using various tools bookmarking bookmark these pages. How about creating your own social bookmarking site and save your links and at the same time make money from ads.

The idea is simple, instead of using a 3rd party website for bookmarking your links, you can use your own social bookmarking site. You do not need to promote it outside the establishment Pligg and adding your links. It could take years before your social bookmarking site will start catching some eyes but yes, you make money for something that you have been completely ignorant. And in the future, you can allow the user submissions and you never know you might have created one of the top social bookmarking sites or popular.

Pligg is an open source CMS (Content Management System) that provides a social publishing software that encourages visitors to create an account and start bookmarking links on the Internet by submitting them. This is the submission of appeal and even submission will be displayed to other users who can vote and promote this story to the home page for broader public. What is good for bloggers to get traffic and especially the creation of a social bookmarking site based on a small niche is a great idea.

Pligg CMS is a powerful social network that comes with various features such as: groups, private messaging, comment system, user profile, modules, Templating, and is also SEO optimized. In this article I will give you full tutorial how to install, configure and change Pligg to create your own social bookmarking website. Follow these steps:

How to Install Pligg CMS:

1. Go to and download the latest version of Pligg. You need an accommodation to start, and I recommend starting on Hostgator which is perfect for hosting your social bookmarking website Pligg. Register here Hostgator.

Then go to your cPanel and download them in a directory ( where you want or you can download it in the web root ( if you want to convert your entire website into a social bookmarking site. Now, extract and open the address where you downloaded it, in a new window.


2. Now you will see a screen with three links Home Pligg, Pligg and plig README. Choose Pligg them. Then follow the instructions on the page. Go to your cPanel and open the Pligg directory. Rename 'settings.php.default' to 'settings.php and rename' dbconnect.php.default 'to' dbconnect.php '.

3. Then, reload the page in which you work and click "Install Pligg?" And select your language. Now you have to play with the chmod permissions. Change permissions to 755 the following folders, if they give 777 errors then try permissions:

  • admin/backup/
  • avatars/groups_uploaded/
  • avatars/user_uploaded/
  • cache/
  • cache/admin_c/
  • cache/templates_c/
  • languages/ (And all of the files contained in this folder should be CHMOD 777)
Change the permissions to 666 the following files:

  • libs/dbconnect.php
  • settings.php
4. Afer change permissions when you click Next, you must complete the database information. So go to MySQL Database Wizard 'in your cPanel and create a database and perform its required details and press Next and enter your details in the admin account and click Create an Administrator account. The Pligg has been successfully installed.


5. Now, once again change the permissions of '/libs/dbconnect.php' 644 because Pligg will not be necessary to further amend the file and remove the '/ install "of your cPanel. Your social bookmarking site is ready for use. Connect to your admin area and set up your site. you should do your Pligg  Forums for a better experience.

How to change Pligg Template:

Change the theme / template is not so easy as WordPress, but not so hard as well. Make your account Pligg Forums and find the latest Pligg themes and download them. Then download them to your cPanel in the '/ template'. Login to your admin panel, go to template tag and select "To change the template, please click here 'option. In the Layout section fill / theme template name (that you have already downloaded the directory '/ template') in the text box "Value". And enjoy your social bookmarking site.


There are many Pligg templates that you can find and install on your site based Pligg to give a new look. You can also rent a Pligg custom template designer to create a model for you. For now, do let us know if you created and or free social bookmarking site using Pligg CMS or other paid? How was your experience with the site personnel social bookmarking?


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