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27 January 2018

About Google Pixel 2

Pixel 2 tells us why Google called its series of Pixel phones: it was building the best camera on a phone. This second-generation effort fulfills this promise not only with the best photos in its class, but also with two front speakers and a waterproof seal. It's a big size, but you have to agree with its dated looks and the fact that there is no headphone jack.

Plus Point
High-end photos and video Dual front speakers Premium water-repellent body.

Minus Point
The glasses really stand out in 2017 No headphone jack 3.5mm Camera App could be better.

Google Pixel 2

Welcome to the best Google Pixel 2 comment on the Internet. Even with the technical issues that this Android phone went through at launch, it remains one of our most recommended for one reason: it has an amazing camera and starts at a normal smartphone price. On top of that, Google has since released a patch for glitch audio issues, so it remains put as one of our favorites. Your only problem may be finding one in stock, as Google in the United States and the United Kingdom is exhausted. Fortunately, it is easily available at Verizon and via Google Pixel 2.

The Google Pixel 2 is there to prove that the two rear cameras are not always better than those of a phone, especially if you favor the photo quality on the latest all-screen models. We have the picture proof below.

It's Google's top software that pushes this Android Oreo phone to take the best photos we've seen, topping the camera at Pixel's and Pixel XL's impressive debut last year.

Plus, this year's upgrade is faster, water resistant and adds a new way to call the Google Assistant: just press the sides of the phone to launch your new AI friend. It looks like a gadget, but it's easier than accidentally pressing another button (Bixby).

The Pixel 2, with its 5-inch screen, does not look like the future of smartphones, with the exception of its lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack - you're going to want a pair of our best Bluetooth headphones for this one.

Unlike the Pixel 2 XL, which has a 6-inch screen edge and a large 18: 9 format, the Pixel 2 is very heavy. Of course, we now know that he has more vivid colors and no sign (yet) of burn-in problems of the screen as his larger counterpart. Depending on the performance of the XL screen in the long run, the Pixel 2 may be a case of "better than small".

Want something bigger? Check out our review on Google Pixel 2 XL
The glasses will not bother you if you want a large phone, smart software and a fantastic camera that will make your friends - even your Samsung owners friends - jealous. The Pixel 2 is for people who prefer functionality over fashion.

Google Pixel 2

Price and release date

Starting at $ 649 / £ 629 / $ 1,079 for a 64GB model
Announced October 4th, shipped Thursday, October 19th
In the United States, try Verizon if the Google Store still has delays
The price of Google Pixel 2 has not increased from year to year, so that, like its dated design, it does not follow the competition. This is surprising for a phone announced October 4 and a release date October 19.

It costs $ 649 / $ 629 / $ 1,079 for the 64GB version, and $ 749 / $ 729 / $ 1,229 for the 128GB configuration. In the United States, this phone is sold under contract by Verizon only at operators, but do not worry, ordering it on the Google Store means it works on all networks, including AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

For a limited time, you can get a free Google Home Mini with your purchase of the new Pixel 2 if you are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or Germany. However, expect long wait times, especially for the delayed white version of the phone.

New examples of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL photos

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have the same camera, and our own Cameron Faulkner had both honeymooners to give us an example of photos that people take outside of a test lab. Check out some of the pictures below, then continue reading the review.


Big size and nice design
Tap the sides to launch Google Assistant
Waterproof, but no 3.5mm headphone jack
The Google Pixel 2 has a nice size and aesthetic, so you can look after the fact that the phone will not impress you with a screen front. It has a futuristic camera, but the design has a clear feeling of last year.

It is easy to hold in one hand thanks to its palm-sized dimensions and light weight. A few years ago, it would have been considered a phablet, but today, next to the note 8, it's a full size Android phone. Most will be able to handle a one-handed operation of its 5-inch screen, which is literally an important order with the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL.

The two new Pixel phones are now IP67 waterproof (meaning they can survive up to 1m or 3.3ft for an hour) and retain a glass and metal design at the back, with less glass up by compared to their predecessors.

The fingerprint scanner has been moved - do not worry, it's not off-center, like on Samsung's new phones, on the textured aluminum part of the back, while the camera stays on the back. glass. .

You will not find a headphone jack on this phone, or even USB-C headphones inside the box - it comes with a simple 3.5mm to USB-C adapter. Google may have researched and realized that you probably have better headphones than those it usually provides for free. Plus, that's one more reason for you to buy those Pixel Buds that just came out, right?

The music on this phone sounds great with headphones, and we even enjoyed listening to music through the two front stereo speakers. Yes, some Pixel 2 speakers emit an unusual noise, but Google promises a software solution to solve this problem.

Front-facing stereo speakers have become rare among smartphones, which often pull the sound from the bottom of the phone via a single speaker. Having them increases the size of the top and bottom bezel, but the stereo speakers are part of the feature-over-fashion tradeoff we are talking about.

The Pixel 2 also acquires a feature of the HTC U11 called EdgeSense. Squeezing the sides of the phone launches the Google Assistant, which, in our experience, is handy, and it's much better than adding a dedicated AI button - Samsung uses such a button for its Bixby assistant, and we can not accidentally stop on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Our only complaint is that Google will not allow you to customize this compressible feature to open the camera or any other application of your choice.

The Pixel 2 XL is available in four colors: Just Black, Clearly White, Kinda Blue and Black & White. In the US, the currently sold Kinda Blue version is exclusive to Verizon.


Full HD 1080p screen is bright and colorful
Thick glasses make it far from an all-screen phone
Not the best choice for Google Daydream VR
The Google Pixel 2 5-inch screen looks great for Full HD, but it's also not that exciting at the same time. It is bright and colorful, but not as rich as a better Samsung smartphone screen.

What is embarrassing is its screen-body ratio, with large frames framing the screen on all sides. It's even more visible in 2017 with so many Android phones on screen, including the largest Google Pixel 2 XL - and it's especially distracting when the standard trio of on-screen buttons are sometimes displayed in a black bar that eat away at your precious screen space.

The display works well with Google Daydream, but it is far from ideal since you can see individual pixels in 1080p. The headset really calls the Quad HD screen of the Pixel 2 XL.

We liked the new permanent display, which displays the date, time and notification icons, as well as the double-touch-on-the-clock feature. It's now much easier to see what's going on with your phone before waking it up.

You just have to go beyond the glasses, and the fact that putting your Google Pixel 2 in a case makes the outline even more pronounced.

Interface and reliability

New Android Oreo Software Enhancements
To get Android P and Android Q first
Google Pixel 2 is the number of people who will discover Android Oreo for the first time, and this is a great way to get acquainted with the latest Google software update.

It is pre-installed with Google apps, and the user interface is exactly how the business wants everything to be arranged. We will go on record to say that Samsung's software has improved over the years, but the Android stock is still extremely clean, but fully customizable.

Here's what's different if you perform an update: sweeping the back fingerprint sensor now lowers the notification shade (and it goes up with a sweep up). This makes the one-handed operation of this phone even simpler.

The image in the image is apparently everywhere, and the little floating box works with more than just YouTube videos that keep spinning as you navigate the rest of your phone. We also found that Google Maps kept us on track in a small window when we opened our email to find the exact name of our destination. How is this great?

The best part is that the Pixel 2 is due for the Android P and Android Q updates and will be among the first devices to get them through everything that is owned and operated by Google. This is a big deal for anyone who will need to update Oreo in a few months. We feel your pain.

Characteristics and performances

Snapdragon 835 fast and 4GB RAM
64GB or 128GB internal storage, but no microSD card slot
Startup times are reduced to 10 seconds
The Pixel 2 fails to present the world to a brand new Snapdragon chipset as its predecessor did - it's the same chip as in the Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG G6, the Moto Z 2 Force and so on .

It does not matter, because the chipset of 8 months and 4 GB of RAM work perfectly on Pixel 2 and it corresponds more than the criteria of reference of its closest competitors. Why do some phones have 6 GB of RAM then? They are preparing for applications in two years and desktop virtualization. For now, we've found 4GB of RAM enough to handle today's multitasking needs.

Our Geekbench reference score put the Google Pixel 2 at a score of 6,260 points, and it was never lower than 6,000, even trying to put pressure on it with multiple application downloads and multitasking. It's a good sign for the future, at least.

You'll get more storage with Google Pixel 2, which starts at 64GB of internal space, instead of the 32GB of last year's boot size, and reaches its peak with the new 128GB storage option There's still no microSD card slot on Pixel phones, which is a shame when so many other Android phones offer this expandable storage option.

Pixel 2's boot times are about ten seconds, which means we've come a long way from the unpardonable 1.5-minute boot-up we've seen on Google's Nexus 6 phone. is four years old. At the time, the phone's camera was poor too. The times have really changed for Google phones.

Stunning 12.2MP camera that shoots cool photos in low light
The software behind this makes it better than the Samsung camera
The camera application could use a couple more functions
The camera is the best part of the Pixel 2 experience. The images are consistently focused and realistic while they look vibrant. Color accuracy is what Google understands well.

That really does not do justice to this camera. The photos taken in low light conditions, probably a dimly lit restaurant, seemed to have turned on the lights when the Pixel 2 was used. Everything seemed much darker when using the iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which we hope will be the Two leaders of smart phone cameras.

Google's main 12.2MP camera, with an aperture of f / 1.8, and an 8MP selfie camera, with an aperture of f / 2.4, outperforms the competition in almost every way. It has a portrait mode that blurs the background in both the front and back cameras, slow-motion video at 240 fps and settings that get deeper than any Google camera so far.

However, the default camera software is not perfect. Both Samsung and LG make it easier to take a timed photo with a convenient hand gesture, while Google forces you to touch buttons. In group photos, this results in an uncomfortable face for the photo-taker who rushes to press the button while holding the phone, or having to set the timer while the group waits. We also miss the simple gesture of swiping to switch to the main camera and selfie camera, which both Samsung and LG have so well.

The quality of the photo is the best in its class, even without a second telephoto camera, and the quality of the video is constant with the electronic image stabilization. This phone has optical image stabilization (OIS) this year and is stable in our tests, more than the original Pixel phones.

If you are looking for the best camera on a mobile phone, you will not be disappointed by your photos. Now he is the leader among smart phone cameras.

Battery duration
Smallest battery of 2,700mAh still receiving the battery throughout the day
Battery saving tricks can prolong battery life even more
Fast loads, but no visual power meter when the phone is turned off
The battery of Google Pixel 2 lasts all day with a moderate use, which can not be expected given its small battery size of 2,700 mAh. Save energy in several important ways.

Its 1080p screen is a secret weapon to burn less unnecessary pixels, even when the screen remains bright. Google also has quite smart Android Oreo battery saving options right in the notification tone. This can help extend the life of the battery beyond a day if it is careful enough.

When running a HD video loop with full brightness and full charge, 86% remained in the tank's battery life. That's about the average for smartphones of this size. You will not be disappointed, but you will not be impressed by how this works either.

While the Pixel 2 is fast loading thanks to fast charging, we regret that Google has not found a way to show the percentage of battery life each time you charge a phone off. All other Android phones can do this. When charging a phone from 0%, it is impossible to know if it is at 10% or 100% unless you start the phone halfway through. That is a bit annoying.

Everything makes sense now. The highlighted camera of Pixel 2 shows us why Google called its Pixel smartphone series in the first place. I was on my way to build the best camera on a phone, and this device fulfills that promise announced.

Excellent photos are among the most desirable features of any new smartphone, and this single lens camera works better than the double lens cameras we have tested in almost every way. He is even a great interpreter in low light conditions.

We take advantage of the new shortcut of the Google Assistant that makes you squeeze the sides of Pixel 2, and we like it much more than the Bixby button, often poorly pressed by Samsung. Two front-facing stereo speakers and a water-resistant design make it an even more pleasant phone.

I have heard people prejudge Pixel 2 (and Google) for their looks, and not because they are forced to say goodbye to the headphone jack. It is due to the design, especially the screen, which does not seem ambitious. Its large bevels do not scream in 2017. However, you should not judge the Pixel 2 by its cover, judge it by trying out its new camera.

For whom it is?
The Pixel 2 is a great option for anyone who wants to update their camera always in the best to that of smart phones. It does not have an elegant camera with two lenses or telephoto functions, but it does have vertical mode in both the main camera and the selfie camera and color precision that we simply can not find in another device.

Should I buy it?
Yes, if you're looking to take advantage of smart phone photos, this is your new weapon. It is not for people who carry a DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera to take great photos, or people who do not mind taking quality photos in the first place. This is for everyone else in that fleshy medium who considers themselves as an amateur photographer (on Instagram) and who has not yet been influenced by Samsung's edge-to-edge top screen.


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