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14 November 2016

Google Daydream View Review

Google Daydream View Review 
Google carton junctions for fabric - and it works like a dream


The revelation of the new Google Pixel handset - which is also the first and only phone ready to be designed for the Daydream - finally put in place the actual VR plans of the company.

With its brand new headset, Google Daydream View, it is clear that the company takes serious about virtual reality. Clay Bavor, Google's VR manager, notes that it's much lighter than other devices - especially 30% - and is capable of working with 5 and 5.5-inch Pixel smartphones. There are also a host of other Android handsets on the way that will be able to work with View.

At $ 79, it's even more expensive than Google Cardboard but it's cheaper than the $ 99 Samsung Gear VR. This is of course not counting the price of the smartphone Daydream View must actually work.

So how's it going? Well, we have used the cardboard suite for some time now and it has become clear that Google's vision of RV is on the right track.

Google Daydream View: Design


There is no doubt that Daydream View is immediately catchy. It just seems so soft and oddly appealing, like a comfortable pair of sweat pants. This is not the best comparison of sounds, but whenever I mentioned the analogy to someone, their eyes light up accordingly.

In other words, the fabric design of Daydream View is welcoming and warm, invoking the same feeling you get to bask without any care because it masks the technology we have come to associate with hard plastics and metals - which So far, other mobile VR headphones out there. Of course, Oculus Rift is wrapped in elastic fabric materials, but with View, there is no yarn, it is much smaller and of course, portable.

This alone is a combination that would attract anyone interested in trying RV, but coupled with the gray slate (or "crimson" and "snow" versions), the Daydream View makes an unmistakably attractive package.


Now, this is not without the hard plastics. The Pixel phone is located just above an internal plastic tray that holds it in place. Then there are the glass lenses and, of course, the plastic controller that comes with each helmet.

There are no buttons and the front closes with an elastic clasp that has a zipper for easy access. I can see this deteriorating over time with all the stretches, but for now it has remained solid.

The audio depends only on the headphones or headphones you have on hand - this is something that Google did not pack into the box. Whatever device you use should work properly with View: there is a spatial audio engine built into the Google VR (Software Developer Kit) SDK which, according to Google has been "highly optimized for mobile VR". This means that if a developer took advantage of the engine, there should be a good spatial sound to keep you immersed in the Daydream RV experiences.

Google Daydream View: Comfort


The view has an adjustable band that bypasses your head. There is soft rubber on the inside part of the strap to help the helmet stay in place but the plastic sliders often loosen during use causing the helmet to slide slowly forward. It was also difficult to tighten them with the view still on the head, which means I should remove it, readjust and repeat.

It was both a good and a bad thing; I usually do not have to re-adjust the helmets because I'm pretty much finished using them after a few hours. With Daydream View, I use it for long periods of time and need to fix the group. So it's boring, but it also means that the helmet is really comfortable and can be worn longer than a few hours.

What also contributes to comfort is the fact that I do not need to remove my glasses. The Gear VR has a diopter that allows me to see, but even then it is still a little fuzzy. Somewhere Daydream View manages to adapt to large glasses framed in the viewer while maintaining a really small form factor.

Most of the weight also rests on the forehead. The cushioning of the face is also fluffy as you hardly feel the helmet. My first experience had a fairly large nose hole similar to that on the Rift. However, during the review process, he was barely there. With next to no light bleeding, the experiments were much better and more immersive. I think because my demo was fast and dirty, there was little time to completely tune the headset properly on my face. At home, I was able to find a good level of comfort without worrying about the next person online.

Google Daydream View: Setup and performance


The use of the headset is ridiculously simple. To get Daydream running, you just need to place the Pixel in the headphones. The tray has few capacitative nubs that help to detect where the screen should be centered while an NFC chip (also built into the tray) starts the application.

It is much easier than inserting a Samsung phone into Gear VR, but there have been a few moments when the application did not start up immediately. I should picking up the phone and replacing it for the NFC to register. Anyway, it's a painless process and overall, a quick fix.

When I first tried Daydream View there was a delay, but I have not seen anything like it since. I also noticed that the field of view was not great, but I came to realize that it depends on the device you are using. Specifically, the 5-inch Pixel compared to the 5.5-inch Pixel XL each providing a separate viewing experience.

The smaller Pixel features remarkable black bars on the outer part of the screen where the XL is virtually invisible. This means that smaller devices will not be as well using Daydream View which is something to keep in mind if you plan to use a ready Daydream phone that is less than 5.5 inches.

For those on iOS devices, it's unlikely Google will pull a carton again and let iPhones get on Daydream fun. It makes sense to consider the platform is highly geared towards Android, but as Gear VR, it is losing on a heavy share of people who want a good mobile VR headset.

Google Daydream View: Controller


The Daydream View Controller is larger than a Rift Remote and smaller than a Wiimote, which makes sense as it can integrate inside the View Headphones after you finish using it.

This makes it as portable and easy to use as the Headset View. This also means that you do not have to hold your hand to the head for checks, or buy another third-party device.

The View controller fits snugly into my little palm and is so light that I'm not surprised Bavor dropped it during the Pixel ad. The controller is also durable enough as I have dropped it several times myself and have not seen a single scratch, tooth or dysfunction after picking it up.

There are only five buttons, including a trackpad that doubles as a button. Under the trackpad you will find an application button that can display menus, pause, go back or change mode depending on the application itself. Then there is the home button below, which returns you to the Daydream View home screen or refocus your viewpoint. Finally, you can find the up and down volume buttons on the right side of the controller.


There is also a USB-C port on the bottom - which is conveniently the same as the Pixel charger - for juice up the device. Google says it has a battery of 12 hours of life and to date that matches my experience. A status light down the controller flashes three times after pressing the Home button lets you know if it needs to be recharged.

For the most part, the follow-up was also surprisingly good. Different games involve aiming at it or using it to move, and so far, the controller has managed to accomplish these actions.

The only thing that has been boring is the constant refocusing. Just like the main helmets where you can refocus the view, Daydream View lets you refocus the controller and headphones. There were times in the game or in the menu where the controller's point wander with a clean mind.

I expected to refocus the controller a few times after using an application or physically moving, but on more than one occasion, it drifts randomly and ends up pointing in another direction (it was also before I ' Dropped the controller).

Google Daydream View: Apps and battery


The Daydream View house looks very much like Oculus Home that you could see on Gear VR or Oculus Rift. This is not a bad thing especially since the interface is intuitive and familiar. A simple drag or click on an arrow with the controller's trackpad allows you to quickly navigate through the library's menus and Google Play Store. From Play Store, you can download and install applications and games right away.

There are 25 games and apps to try right now and like all other platforms there will be a lot more very soon. Like Sony with PlayStation VR, Google promises 50 experiences by the end of the year. I was able to try a decent amount on Daydream View and overall, came impressed.

The usual Google directory is always fun to use in RV, with YouTube, Google Street View, Play Movies, Photos and Arts & Culture being the available ones. With the exception of Play Films, the applications have all been used on the cardboard before so they are not exactly options breaking the ground.

However, Google has reorganised YouTube a bit and made it much more user friendly. You get to watch all your favourite channels of 360 degrees with non-VR in 2D videos. There is even a Google Wizard voice search if you want to go hands-free.

On the game side, I could try Hunter's Gate, Claro, Wonderglade and VR Karts (among others) who provided a very round experience that showed just how much Daydream View can do.

Hunter's Gate is a dungeon crawler that makes you play one of two characters who automatically shoots the demons you target. This game was able to show the controller's ability to aim as well as move the character around with the trackpad. It takes a minute to settle and then it's a breeze. You can change the sighting mechanism to use your head as well, which has been a staple for many VR shooters.


Claro is a lovely puzzler that is not too difficult and allows you to relax a little while moving the sun around with the controller to help a tree grow. Wonderglade has four carnival-esque mini-games that again use the controller's lens with its internal sensors. VR Karts did the same thing and you turned the controller so that you use both hands. From there, you are able to test your racing abilities by tilting the controller to hug the corners.

Not including download times for games and updates for different applications, and the Pixel itself, I could get about four hours of use of Daydream View. If you are sitting by an electrical outlet or using a portable charger, you can even keep the battery of the Pixel handset lit because the charging port remains open and easily accessible.


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